API Industrialization is a set of processes and technologies with a cohesive strategy to deliver and evolve differentiated APIs at the speed and scale to capture new opportunities. Explore the steps to this journey and against your organization's goals via a self-assessment. Up to 60 minutes to complete fully.

Maturity Stages: Where does your API program stand?

Determine how your program fares in the digital ecosystem-- From an ad-hoc situation just having loosely organized APIs to an industrialized program.

The path to Industrialized APIs matters and requires an ordered journey where additional scale and success builds upon initial forays and trials. We gauge API maturity across the following stages:
Ad-hoc: Initial API forays often start with ad-hoc API development and use that is silo-ed within parts of the organization with little to no structure applied to strategy, governance, or development.
Organize: Recognizing the business impact of the API in the digital business, an API strategy and business case drives organized API development across key initial deployments needed to garner excitement and broad buy-in within the organization.
Tactical: Scale the initial API successes across the organization where a common effort considers APIs as digital products needed to establish a foothold in the digital ecosystem.
Critical: APIs are the de-facto model through which integrations occur including those for mission critical services supported by a mature API program.
Industrial: Industrialized APIs are the fabric of business operations where the organization expands their footprint in the digital ecosystem via their API platform with the agility and flexibility needed to lead the market.

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